Harmonious interplay to perfection !

        “With every concert, we want to create
    a new relationship between us,
the music and the audience.”

   Just Two Instruments?

      „I have always had a great interest
in unusual instrumentation and rarely
performed compositions.

      A duet for violin and cello is actually
a string quartet in which the missing parts
of the second violin and the viola are taken
over by the violin and the cello. This poses
an exceptional challenge to the performers’
soloistic and chamber musical virtuosity.

      For more than ten years, I have been
discovering and collecting duets for violin and
cello, and I am surprised time and again that
- almost without exception - performances
in this combination are limited to the works
of Zoltán Kodály and Maurice Ravel.

      It is our aspiration to unveil - with just two
instruments - surprising and fascinating worlds of
sound to be heard and experienced by the audience.”

“The diversity of the repertoire as well
as the impressive stage presence turn
every performance of the Abel Duo into
an unforgettable concert experience.”

Dr. Esther Tamm

“The Abel Duo is a remarkable synthesis of
contrasts. Contradictory temperaments join
together harmoniously in impulse, lyricism and
dynamics. Out of a duo arises a richness of
sound that encompasses an entire orchestra.”

Laurence Traiger

“Harmonious interplay to perfection.
The premiere performance by the Abel Duo
in the Birkenstock Château was rewarded
with a standing ovation.”

Münchner Merkur/Freisinger Tagblatt, 7. Juli 2006